Dragon’s Prophet launches Open Beta with two new trailers


The free-to-play MMO Dragon’s Prophet has released two new trailers featuring the lands of Satuma and Laedis. The game has moved into open beta since May 30 for players to fight, tame and ride the plus 300 dragons roaming the realm of Auratia.

The first trailer, seen below, highlights the land of Satuma, one of the games three starting zones. This heavily forested area, dotted with rivers and lakes, is being attacked by horrific enemies. It is up to the players to defend it.



The next trailer introduces us to Laedis where airship is the preferred method of traveling, despite the risk of sky pirates. Thankfully the airship in the trailer is rescued by warriors of the Skyhammmer who then safely lead our narrator and crew to the city of Underworld Port. This lovely, floating city is threatened with greedy politics, fearful leaders and conspiracies.



Dragon’s Prophet Open Beta is now back online after some unfortunate downtime last night for network server maintenance. Due to the sheer number of players logging on, the developers have launched two new servers: Kleios for the European Realm and Argus for the German Realm.



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