Don’t forget, memory remixer Remember Me releases today across North America

Capcom remembered to confirm the news that their newest IP, Remember Me, launches today in North America (June 7th in Europe). Developed by the Paris based DONTNOD Entertainment, Remember Me has been garnering quite the buzz since it was announced at last year’s Gamescom, due to its unique premise, visual style, and female protagonist.

Memories play a large role in this third person adventure, as a company named Memorize trades, sells, and shares people’s thoughts in the distant future of 2084. Main character Nilin used to be a memory hunter (Now a rebel who wants to bring Memorize down) and has the ability to remix and modify people’s memories; so, naturally, she gets captured and has her memory wiped clean (PLOT TWIST). It is up to gamers to help Nilin get her memory back while experiencing the title’s puzzles, combat, and exploration. If memories aren’t remixed with the use of a turntable, I will send everyone at DONTNOD letters that just have the words “Missed Opportunity” written on them.

Remember Me promises a deep combat system with over 1,000 combos, as well as intuitive memory remix sections where players rewind and fast forward people’s memories in search of glitches that can change the way someone remembered a certain event, leading to dramatic outcomes that will probably make you cry a bunch. If I recall correctly, the game’s soundtrack is also available today. Recorded by the Philharmonia Orchestra, sweet music is ready to purchase for $10 through iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and other fancy pants digital music places. Don’t draw a blank, and recollect that Remember Me can be obtained for the 360, PS3, and PC at retail, and digitally through the PSN and Steam and don’t fret, there will also be a 360 Games on Demand version coming soon. Age-restricted launch trailer below!

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