Suit up with the new Costume Pack DLC bodyslamming onto Guacamelee today!

Are you sweaty and ripe from all the lucha goodness of Guacamelee on PS3 and PS Vita? Are your tights and spandex bringing dishonor to the art of lucha? Well have no fear! The brand spankin’ new Costume Pack DLC is tagging in today!

This downloadable package contains three new costumes with special abilities and bonuses for both Juan and Tostada. The three costumes are: Pollo Luchador – a bright yellow chicken suit that allows health to regenerate at the cost of stamina regeneration, the Skeleton costume – which grants infinite stamina, but removes all health packs from the game, and newly colored Luchador Suit – which decreases throwing damage, but boosts striking damage. This trio of get-ups will cost $1.99 (or 25.36 in pesos for luchadors).

This update also brings a gaggle of new trophies and a patch that allows Tostada to be playable alone on PS3 without the previously convoluted process. This pack is ready to spice up your gameplay and put staleness on the ropes!