Did Microsoft really just duck out of the E3 post-press conference?

Frustration and bewilderment continues to mount the closer we get to E3 when the word “Microsoft” is uttered. And today, another slap across the consumers’ face seems to have connected. Steve Tilley, a reporter from Sun Media, tweeted that a PR email from Microsoft claims that they will no longer be attending the post-press roundtable because of changes to executives’ schedules, “including some external industry and partner sessions.”



It’s tradition and a show of confidence in your product for console manufacturers to stay after E3 and discuss the product with the media. This is their chance to have one voice and to accurately depict the quality and features of the product you’re pitching to the consumers, us. On one hand it might be a smart move on Microsoft’s part to keep away from the hard questions for just a little while longer. On the other, I’m getting sick to my stomach of being jerked around and ignored. I love my 360, why are you alienating me Microsoft?

Hopefully, Microsoft is just handling damage control and will come through clean on the other end of E3. But as of right now, I’m seeing a lot of “4>1” spreading across forums. What do you all think? Is the Xbox One still a contender for your home, or are you holding out until they actually step up and make a claim?