Hail to the Wub, Saints Row IV Collector’s Edition detailed

Democracy has proved its power once again with the newly announced, fan-sourced “Super Dangerous Wub Wub Edition” of the much anticipated Saints Row IV. Deep Silver laid out the details on its loudest collector’s edition ever:

First, you’ll be able to drop the bass with a 12 inch model replica of the in-game Dubstep Gun, armed with a laser sight and a pre-loaded set of actual songs from the game’s own Dubstep Gun. Your friends will be blown away when you pull out this bad boy at your next rager. Loyal patriots of the Third Street Saints will also be honored to own the inspiring 8 inch Johnny Gat Memorial Statue, which commemorates the grandeur of this Saint’s glorious history. Finally, no President could function without The Button. That’s right, you will have your very own Dubstep Doomsday Button! Whenever you feel the urge, you hit that button and turn any situation into a party.

The purchase of the Super Dangerous Wub Wub Edition also includes the previously announced Commander in Chief pre-order bonus. This bonus nabs you the Screamin’ Eagle weapon, complete with rocket talons and the “Sonic Scream,” the exclusive Uncle Sam costume, and the “everything in one” ‘Merica weapon.

Remember what Abraham Lincoln said: “This nation….under wub…cannot falter.” Saints Row IV takes the Oval Office on August 20th. Preorders available now while supplies last.