Harvest Moon: A New Beginning coming to Europe later this year

Harvest Moon: A New Beginning was released in North America last October as the first 3DS-exclusive Harvest Moon game. Later this year, Europeans will get to join in on the farming RPG fun as A New Beginning makes its way overseas.

Marvelous AQL Europe will handle the publishing duties across the Atlantic, while Zen United will work on distribution.

Says Harry Holmwood, the CEO of Marvelous AQL Europe, “Harvest Moon is one of gaming’s best-loved and most enduring franchises. We’re very pleased to be working alongside Zen United to help bring Harvest Moon to a wider audience and ensure its continued success.”

A New Beginning has more features, freedom, and customization options than any other Harvest Moon title in the series’ 17-year, 24-game history.

Says Zen United director Geraint Evans, “We’re very proud to be working on such a great series. And A New Beginning is undoubtedly one of the best in the series so far – we’re hugely excited to be involved in the future of Harvest Moon.”

European 3DS owners can expect A New Beginning to hit shelves in the third quarter of this year.