Donatello steps out of the shadows to show gamers his glorious visage in upcoming downloadable title

Activision and Red Fly Studio are working hard on their upcoming four player co-op adventure, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, and decided to shine the spotlight on Donatello today (they also want you to get used to DAT FACE).

Like his party animal brother Michelangelo, Donnie isn’t as aggressive as Raph and Leo but is more smart and contemplative, preferring to think problems through and look for ways to avoid unnecessary conflict. Donnie brings his smarts to the battlefield and is no slouch in combat; though he is slower than his brothers, his staff covers a wide range and can sweep multiple enemies off their feet, and he has the largest window for counters amongst his brethren. Donatello is also an amazing engineer and can create game-changing weapon upgrades for him and his Renaissance bros. His own Gravity Gauntlets can alter the space around him and send enemies up into the sky, leaving them open to his STAFF OF JUSTICE. Lastly, Donnie is the only one that can hack computers and security, so everyone best not piss off the player that has control over the purple-bandana wonder.

Out of the Shadows will have its first playable demo at E3, and will launch this summer on XBLA, PSN, and Steam. Check out a fun looking trailer below!

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