“Good Night, Good Luck” trailer released for Dying Light

Warner Bros. Interactive recently announced Dying Light, a parkour action survival horror game. They are teaming up with Techland, the creators of Dead Island.

The premise of the game seems simple. Scavange for food and supplies during the day, survive hordes zombies at night. Simple, right?

During the day there will still be zombies getting in your way as you find and build weapons, but once the sun goes down those (relatively) docile zombies will viciously come at you bro!

During nighttime play, the super zombies also come to play.

While stealth and gathering will be a big part of gameplay, from this first trailer it looks like parkour will play a big role in keeping your skin safe, literally.

Dying Light will be available on Xbox One, PS 4, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC some time in 2014.

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