MOGA will announce new “Game Changing” mobile controllers series at E3

Android phone gamers will get the chance to upgrade to the new MOGA Power Series of mobile game controllers this fall. MOGA also announced that it will now include support for Windows Phone 8. Over 400 MOGA developers for the Windows Phone 8 already have access to the SDK. Both versions of the new mobile controllers are cross-platform compatible and support Android devices from version 2.3 and up.

The Generation 2 mobile controllers add MOGA Boost technology that charges the mobile device while the user plays, allowing gamers to play to their heart’s content. Both the standard MOGA controller and the Pro version come with improved ergonomics, Bluetooth radios and the MOGA S.M.R.T. Lock arm to help keep phones secured to the controller. The standard MOGA controller has also been improved with clickable analog thumb sticks, a D-pad and shoulder buttons.

MOGA will feature the Generation 2 mobile controllers at this year’s E3.

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