The Arclight Bundles features five Arcen Games

Indie Royale and Arcen Games joined forces to release the Arclight Bundle today. The bundle will include five games:

  • AI War: Fleet Command
    • The Zenith Remnant
    • Children of Neinzul
    • Light of the Spire
    • Ancient Shadows
    • Vengeance of the Machine
  • Shattered Haven
  • Tidalis
  • A Valley Without Wind
  • A Valley Without Wind 2

Note that AI War: Fleet Command also includes all five expansions. All games bought through the bundle will be available to be downloaded directly or be redeemed via Steam and Desura.

The bundle follows a payment method just like Humble Bundle with a key difference. While Humble Bundle allows a person to pay any amount for the bundle (and beat the current average to get a few more titles), the Arclight Bundle has a minimum amount of purchase that started at $3.99. As more people keep purchasing the bundle, the minimum increases.

However, for people who purchase the bundle for $8.00 or more, all nine original soundtracks by Arcen Games composer Pablo Vega and the Deorbit album by Disasterpeace will be included with the games.

To find out more about the Arclight Bundle and the games in it, visit