Gameboy-inspired Two Brothers will be out this summer

Many of us were first introduced to the wonders of video games by Nintendo and while we fancy we have grown up, we still fondly remember the games we first played. Two Brothers by Ackk Studios is a Gameboy-inspired action adventure game that seeks to give the player the choices modern games do while it redefines the meaning of old school style.  Self-described on their Kickstarter page as an action/adventure/role-playing/nostalgia game, Two Brothers wants to satisfy the Nintendo-playing little kid in us while still appealing to the adult we have grown into.

The game begins like many RPG’s with main character, Roy Guarder, setting out on a quest. This particular quest is to discover the origins of life, which brings him to “The Cursed Lands”; a place so dangerous nobody has dared to explore it (that lived to tell about it anyway) in over 700 years. Roy is no exception though, as he is soon met with a fate no worse than death. But don’t worry, this is only the beginning of the game and our guy manages to return to life, but not before witnessing colors so extraordinary, he is obsessed with finding a way to bring them back to his otherwise monochromic world. His brother, Bivare, quickly shares Roy’s passion and joins the quest.

The developers wanted to create a game that “plays against expectations” of how the player and game world interact. Two Brothers has no “Game Over”. If the player dies, they are taken to an “Afterlife Hub” which is a floating colorful island. The player can choose to explore this afterlife and find power ups, clues, interact with important NPCs and complete side quests.  Roy soon discovers that he can easily cross between his living world and the afterlife during his quest.

Two Brothers will launch late summer this year for Xbox 360, Wii U, PC, Mac and Linux. Ackk Studios will also release a DRM free version.  Currently they are trying to get on Steam and need more votes on Steam Greenlight. Make sure to leave a comment before clicking on the link to vote for them!

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