The Future of Xbox 360: Games, Xbox Live Gold, and Tanks!

With all eyes on the Xbox One this week, Microsoft made sure that they did not ignore their current console at this year’s conference. Did you miss the conference? Well we have the rundown of all Xbox 360 news revealed only hours ago.

Do you not have an Xbox 360 console yet, or looking to upgrade? Well, Microsoft was sure to start rolling out the 360 news with a bang by revealing a newly designed Xbox 360 console inspired by the look of the Xbox One. Want better news? This new design is available today!

To support the announcement of the newest 360 design, Microsoft blew the lid off of World of Tanks for Xbox 360. This acclaimed title from the PC will be arriving as a free-to-play experience only on Xbox 360.

Are tanks not your thing? Well Microsoft also announced Max: The Curse of Brotherhood – a darkly adorable platformer, and the rage-inducing, dungeon-crawler Dark Souls 2. These were just two of the titles Microsoft ensured are coming to the Xbox 360 in an effort to comfort gamers who may have felt that the Xbox One would mean the end of the 360.

While these were all pleasant surprises, Microsoft wasn’t content to stop there. The biggest cheers came when Microsoft announced that Xbox Live Gold will be getting a delightful nip/tuck.

First, they announced they were taking a page out of Sony’s book and launching a free games service for Gold subscribers. The system will launch two free games for Gold members every month, with the first two announced games being Assassin’s Creed II and Halo 3. They also announced the much awaited switch from Microsoft Points to real-world currency in all regions. To wrap-up, Microsoft revealed that your Gold membership will be shareable between all family profiles connected with your Gold profile.

These announcements may not have been the biggest part of Microsoft’s press conference, but they sure stoked the fire to tell 360 players that they aren’t done with the console yet.

Were you impressed by these announcements, or did Microsoft leave you wanting more 360 information? Chat with us in the comments below as E3 rolls on.