Zombies rise from the grave in the new Dead Rising 3, coming exclusively to Xbox One this November

Capcom dropped some zombah news at E3 today, announcing the new undead sandbox game, Dead Rising 3, coming exclusively to Xbox One this November.

Set ten years after the events of Chuck Greene’s adventures in Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 3 opens in a new area called Los Perdidos, which is of course being OVERRUN BY ZOMBIES. Players take on the role of new protagonist Nick Ramos, a mechanic with a mysterious past and tattoo that will surely reveal a dark secret midway through the game. Knowing of an impending military strike on the city to wipe out the infected, Nick must work with others in order to escape unscathed.

This new title in the franchise certainly looks darker than the previous two titles, but it is also bigger and features seamless, quick load times. Smart zombie AI will keep you on your toes, and a better save implementation and a non-existent time limit will help bring in new fans that had trouble getting into Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 (personally I felt the save system and time limit of the previous games heightened the mood and tension, but the possibility of exploring a whole city without worrying about Otis or Katey has me intrigued!). Thankfully, there is a Nightmare Mode with “classic” rules with a countdown clock for us veteran players; and hopefully not “classic” in the sense of annoying characters (“dammit Otis, someone is literally BITING MY FACE OFF!”).

Dead Rising 3 will also offer a quick “jump in or out” co-op mode and some SmartGlass and Kinect features; SmartGlass allows a friend to turn a compatible tablet or phone into a PDA to call in airstrikes against the zombie horde, receive incoming calls and texts (NOOO, OTIS WILL FOREVER HAUNT ME), or pull up a map and mission checklist, while the Kinect can be used to physically break out of grapples, command your partners, or even taunt zombies (“hey, you don’t even have a LEG to stand on!”).

Check out a gritty, realistic, not humorous trailer below!

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