E3 2013: Final Fantasy XV has insane battle gameplay!

For those of you sick of all the Final Fantasy XIII spin-offs and may have been put-off by its battle system (that would be me, raising my hand, right here), there’s some good news! Maybe.

Square Enix has released nearly four minutes of non-linear battle gameplay that will flip the Final Fantasy world on its head. It looks like FFXV will take from certain scenes and style from the Kingdom Hearts series, FFXIII, and perhaps a little bit of a taste from FF: Advent Children. While still in early production–and by early, I mean a mixture of work from almost seven years ago with a new splash of ideas from the past year–it definitely looks like the newest installment of the series is going to be wild.

I, for one, prefer turn-based RPG’s but the footage below absolutely has me intrigued. What do you all think? Does this gameplay look like it will finally breath life into a weakening series? Or are we getting close once more to a real final fantasy?