Planetary Annihilation early-access program launched; ridiculous price included!

Uber Entertainment, the team working on the upcoming RTS Planetary Annihilation, have announced the launch of the game’s early-access program through Steam, as players can now register to take part in the Alpha version of the game, through its official Steam page.

The developers have also announced that access to the alpha version will come at the absurdly high price of $89.99. A member of Uber talked about the… unusual pricing model (to say the least) through a post on Steam, stating that the game will remain at its current price until the end of August, while September will see a drop to a retail price of $60, until the game is actually released.

Alpha tests will commence on June 16th, with this version of the game including combat on one planet, 2-10 players, and a Free-For-All mode. Players will also require a 64-bit operating system to participate.

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