Spielberg and Lucas bash video games…

I was really hoping to take the highway on this one because it’s E3 and The Last of Us is a mere ten hours from my greedy grasp…but instead I’ve chosen to take the high ground. This really shouldn’t infuriate me as much as it does because I think we can all agree that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are washouts, but the outrageous hypocrisy cannot go unchecked.

In a report yesterday by The Hollywood Reporter, Spielberg and Lucas were interviewed where they said that the movie industry was at a breaking point and an “implosion” was imminent. They’re both thinking that television is the new wave of media entertainment. While a direct quote was not written down, the reporter said something that caused the back of my brain to pop.

“Lucas and Spielberg also spoke of vast differences between filmmaking and video games because the latter hasn’t been able to tell stories and make consumers care about the characters.”

E-fu#%ing-xcuse me? Video games can’t tell stories or make people care about the characters? It seems to me that washouts (one who sold his entire empire to Disney while the other can’t even make Indiana Jones cool anymore) like this pair have gone senile. I believe they have confused video games for their own movies.

Kill him...

George Lucas is responsible for the most hated character of all time. I think the only reason people actually went to watch Star Wars: Episode III is because they were desperately clinging to the hope that Jar-Jar Binks would suffer a horrible and gruesome death. Not to mention that Lucas turned Darth Vader (a character I had multiple nightmares about when I was a child) into a whining little emo bitch.

Steven Spielberg hasn’t directed anything good in over a decade, and in that time frame he has helped produce multiple tumors to the creative mind. Not to mention he has helped groom another director that is on the fast-track to ruining the film industry as a whole. This same groomed director has also ruined Star Trek for me.

If they are of the opinion that video games can’t reach us on an emotional or financial level, it’s because they’re only using their own horrible abortions as the control.

What about Clementine from The Walking Dead? BioShock. BioShock Infinite. Cognition. Heavy Rain. Metal Gear Solid IV. Mass Effect I, II, III. Dishonored. The Longest Journey. Dreamfall. inFamous. inFamous 2. Alan Wake (for some of us). Red Dead Redemption. Fallout 3. Dues Ex. Dark Souls. Chrono Trigger. Metal Gear Solid III. And I’m sorry, did any of you laugh when Sephiroth pierced Aerith right through her back in Final Fantasy VII?

Yes, Lucas and Spielberg. I thought this scene lacked emotion and I didn’t stare at the “Pause” screen for fifteen minutes, numb.

And for one last rant of proof, how about when Beyond: Two Souls was officially asked to the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival? Not only is this media duo disgustingly wrong, Spielberg is the bigger hypocrite. Please correct me if I’m wrong (and I’m not: redacted 06/16/13 because I was wrong!), but isn’t he making the movie with Aaron Paul from the video game, Need for Speed? And isn’t he working with Microsoft to produce the Halo TV…

And there it is. Bam. All of the confusing decisions over the last weeks and the reason Microsoft presented the Xbox One as a media provider first instead of a gaming system might be explained. I may very well be wrong, but I smell smoke and I’m looking for the gun. I thought we had moved on from the sneered noses and the downcast glances at video games, but it seems we still have a little longer to go.

Am I overreacting? Probably. But I’ve spent way more on video games than movies or cable. And when people who have no respect for video games are making my movies, my TV shows, and are controlling my game consoles based on their uneducated and ignorant opinions…I get mad. Tell me what your opinion is! And what games did I not mention change your world?!