Final Fantasy XIV: A Real Reborn: Latest beta test brings cross platform adventuring to PS3

A third round of beta invites are going out for the new MMO Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. This is your chance to get your hands on the Playstation 3 version of the game, where you can play right along with the other faithful testers that have been playing on the PC. The game has also been confirmed for PS4.

Cross platform play isn’t new to Square Enix either. Their first foray into the MMO space, Final Fantasy XI was, and still is mind you, playable on the PS2, PS3, Xbox360 and the PC. Despite the PlayOnline registration trouble you have to go through to even play it, it’s still there kicking and still cross platform. It also has been the most profitable Final Fantasy game made to date.

For those of you saying, “Wait a cotton pickin’ minute, I thought they done released FFXIV already?!” First I would commend you on saying cotton-pickin. Secondly, I would inform you that Square Enix (or as I affectionately refer to them as: Squeenix) has been very hard at work on a “2.0” re-release version of the game. The initial release was not the smash hit they had hoped for, due to lackluster sales and critical nightmares. So the developers decided to get back to the drawing bored, literally, and re-work the game from the ground up, including reworking the UI and combat system.

Let us know what you think about online Final Fantasy games in the comments below, and register for the beta here!