New Pokemon X and Y trailer shows off new creatures, first gym details

Just in case you didn’t get enough Pokemon news during Nintendo’s E3 announcement on Tuesday, here’s a fresh trailer that shows off the first gym in Pokemon X and Y as well as some new Pokemon.

The trailer opens up showing a group of adventurers. That’s because in Pokemon X and Y, players have what amounts to an entourage to hang out with instead of just one or two rivals like in previous games.

The girl with the crazy brown hair is Shauna, who The Pokemon Company describes as outgoing, friendly, and energetic.

The err… husky fellow is Tierno, who is actually more into Pokemon dance moves than Pokemon battles. His goal is to create an awesome Pokemon dance team, but there’s no word yet on if this actually plays into gameplay or not.

The dude with the red mop on his head is Trevor. He’s sort of a Pokemon nerd (aren’t we all), who is a great student and wants to be the first to complete his Pokedex.

The player’s fourth companion will depend on if you’re playing as a boy or a girl. Male players will be joined by Serena and female players will be joined by Calem. This character seems to be the typical “rival” that Pokemon fans are accustomed to. Either Serena or Calem will strive to become a powerful Pokemon trainer.

By the way, you’ll meet all these friends in Vaniville Town, which is the players starting out point in the Kalos region.

After some rollerblading around town (I wonder if this replaces the bike from previous adventures), we’re treated to footage of the first gym, which is headed by Viola in Santalune City. Besides being professional photographer, Viola appears to be a master of Bug Pokemon, as her gym is adorned with a giant spiderweb that players must navigate around.

Now for some new Pokemon!

This little guy is Scatterbug, a (duh) Bug-type Pokemon who will likely be found in some forest early in the player’s adventure. You can see it here unleashing a String Shot attack, which for the uninitiated, is a speed-lowering move that is typical of small Bug Pokemon.

Scatterbug evolves into Spewpa, which has a stronger defense than Scatterbug thanks to its stiff, fur-covered body. The video doesn’t show Spewpa performing any attacks, but we do know that it learns Protect at some point. Protect is a move that renders nearly all attacks useless for one turn in battle. It is purely a defensive move.

Vivillon is the final evolution of this chain and yet another credit to The Pokemon Company’s apparent love of butterflies. When it evovles, Vivillon gains not only a beautiful pair of wings but also the Flying type. One of its attacks is Struggle Bug, which deals damage in addition to lowering the opponent’s special attack.

Finally, here are Litleo (in the background) and Flabebe (in the foreground). Litleo looks like an adorable little lion cub and is both a Fire- and Normal-type Pokemon. It learns Noble Roar, which helps protect Litleo by lowering its opponent’s attack stat.

Flabebe is one of the new Fairy-type Pokemon found in X and Y. It lives on a flower that it will care for its entire life. Such devotion! One of the fun things about Flabebe is that players will see that different Flabebe hold differently colored flowers. We don’t know yet if the flower color affects Flabebe’s stats or attack capabilities yet. What we do know is that Flabebe learns Fairy Wind to attack opponents.

That’s all the Pokemon news for now. We’ll be sure to update you as soon as we hear more about Pokemon X and Y, which is set for a worldwide release on October 12.