Achievement Unlocked: XBLA now boosts 600 games

Xbox Live Arcade announced that they have reached 600 games with the releases of Fireburst and Storm Friday. This newest milestone came close to the anniversary of the 500 game milestone that was reached on June 6, 2012 in the XBLA library achieved with the launch of Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown and Bang Bang Racing.

Xbox Live Arcade was first announced on May 12, 2004, less than ten years ago with a disc that had to be ordered by mail from Microsoft’s website. But, it did include a free version of the popular Ms. Pac-man.  Three years later the service became a part of the Xbox 360 Dashboard allowing gamers to easily download titles.  Uno seemed to be the game of choice when Microsoft claimed it to be the first XBLA game to exceed one million downloads.



Hopefully Microsoft will find a way to make their impressive XBLA library available one the Xbox One as well. But for the moment it looks like Xbox has earned themselves 600G.

Thanks to XBLA Fans for the heads up on this achievement!

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