Fantastic “Games for Good” fundraiser reaches half of its goal in less than two weeks

James Portnow must be smiling from ear to ear right about now, because his fundraiser just reached half of its goal after barely becoming a THING. One of the great minds behind the series Extra Credits (which is about videogames and their design and the industry, SO GO WATCH IT NOW), James started a fundraiser recently to get politicians and the rest of the world to notice that games can be a lot more than just controversies waiting to happen.

Titled the “Games for Good” fundraiser, the project’s purpose is to encourage the creation of games that do good and to improve the public’s perception of games as something other than “murder simulators.” James got the idea to start the project after meeting with legislators to protest the “anti-piracy” legislation of SOPA and PIPA and finding out, SHOCKINGLY, that legislators had rarely ever spoken to people in the game industry unless it was about a controversy. James feels that by raising money for his fundraiser, he can help organizations find good games to sponsor and show politicians and the general public that games can actually benefit people’s lives.

$50,000 was the goal to be reached, and fans have already raised $25,000 for “Games for Good” in less than two weeks since its launch (gamers are AWESOME). There are stretch goals that kick in at $75,000 as well, and you can find “good” games that James recommends at the bottom of the fundraiser page.

For the episode of Extra Credits that got this whole train of “goodness” moving, click here. Will “Games for Good” reach its goal of $50,000 by September 2nd? I’m gonna say yes, without a doubt.

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