The Sims 3: Down by da beach, boy!

Ah, The Sims expansions. Released like clockwork. As old as time itself, and some other cliche. But seriously folks, as a closet Sims fan, Island Paradise looks awesome.

EA/Maxis today released the newest trailer for their next expansion: The Sims 3: Island Paradise. It looks as deep as the ocean is blue. Alright, too many cliches, I get it.

But (for real this time) seriously, it looks like they squeezed so much stuff into this expansion it’s going to be a tough call for what Simmers do first! In addition to building house boats (read: house on boat) that can jetty you from island to island; there is a whole underwater area for your Sims to explore including all the mainstays of island life. Treasure hunting? Check. Shark (and giant squid) attacks? Check. Underwater woohoo? You betcha. Living on the open seas not your thing? Buy anything from a paddle boat to a speed boat to get yourself island hopping in no time. Still no mention of a millionaire playboy yacht though, although I wouldn’t put it past Maxis, they usually think of everything in these themed expansions. Did I mention you can build, customize, and own your own resort? Players will be tasked with bringing the island amenities to their resort. Other Sims will come and spend money on things like bars, hotel rooms and buffets all while writing reviews about your hot new go to spot.

The Sims 3: Island Paradise will be available on June 28th and is now available for pre order in retail and digital on Origin. Pre orders will receive the “Island Survival” content pack, giving your Sims the tools to survive on a deserted island. Maxis is also giving players the town of Barnacle Bay for free if they reach their goal of 4,000 pre orders.

The Island Paradise team will also be holding a live demo tomorrow morning on their website tomorrow at 10am PDT.