D&D Chronicles of Mystara released today or How to launch a Magic Missile without looking like a total geek in the process

As a recurring tradition for Capcom as of late, here comes yet another addition to the collection of bundle nostalgic games that are sure to take you for a trip down memory lane. Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara will be released today for the North American Playstation Network & Steam worldwide, and for XBOX Live Arcade and European Playstation Network by tomorrow, June 19th. The collection will also eventually come out for Nintendo’s eShop to be available for download on the Wii U.

As per usual with these kind of releases from Capcom, the game will be based on the GGPO netcode (which will allow for fluid gameplay for 2-to-4 players online), developed by Iron Galaxy in collaboration with Wizards of the Coast. The collection will include both D&D games developed by Capcom in the 90’s: Dungeons & Dragons – Tower of Doom (1994) and Dungeons & Dragons – Shadow over Mystara (1996).

Capcom’s D&D series involve the traditional Capcom beat-em-up style with RPG elements, including leveling up, magic spells, and several type of classes and races to do battle against several mythical D&D monsters. The game has been characterized for branching roads as the game progresses (which avoids the usual monotony of most beat-em-up games) and multiple endings depending on the path taken and choices made. This game also features the new House Rules option, which allows players to dictate their own gameplay style during the journey (for example, “Vampirism” allows players to gain health from attacking enemies).

As one would expect from Capcom’s vintage rereleases as of late, there are challenges that need to be fulfilled in order to gain points that will later serve to unlock additional features and easter eggs in the Vault. The Character Visualizer feature also allows you to keep track of the characters most used by your friends in an attempt to create more balanced parties when crunch time comes along. Of course, there are also global Leaderboards which allows you to view which character is reigning worldwide.

It is said that the Wii U version will exploit the use of the GamePad touch screen in order to select spells and items more fluidly, allowing for a smoother pace in gameplay.