New Black Ops II DLC is Vengeance

Call of Duty: Black Ops II will unleash its newest DLC on July 2 for Xbox 360 with PlayStation 3 and PC to follow later. Vengeance features four new multiplayer maps and “Buried”, the new Zombies map.

“Cove” is an abandoned, rocky island in the Indian ocean where players battle for control of the outskirts of the island. The map features lots of twists and turns that players who favor close range weapons can use to their advantage.

“Detour” takes place on a suspension bridge on the East Coast waterway. Teams will work to keep the other side from overtaking their side of the bridge while the battle takes place both on the bridge and below.

“Rush” will keep players on their toes while they fight it out in a deserted paintball course. Players should expect close quarters style combat and plenty of cover to take advantage of.

“Uplink” is a re-imagining of the original Black Ops map, “Summit” and takes place in a hi-tech mountain facility in the Myanmar jungles. Like the original, the majority of the battle will take place in the facility while in the map’s exterior will be players who prefer more long range weapons.

Last but not least is the newest zombie map. “Buried” takes place in an underground Old West mining town and features the upgraded Ray Gun Mark II which will also appear in all the previous Black Ops II zombie maps.

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