PlayStation 4’s user interface gets demoed on video

Coming hot off of a very nice E3 showing, Sony is giving gamers a sneak peek into the UI of the PS4. Social features get a big role in this video. The video starts with a facebook like news feed of what your friends are playing, watching, or have just purchased off the PSN. This What’s New feed will also be where you see videos your friends just posted with the built in sharing feature. The usual suspects like voice chat and text chat make appearances, but what seems to be new is that using the PlayStation companion app you can message friends who are currently on their PS4’s from your phone.

Social features and annoying actors aside, to me the star of the show was how we can download games. The video showcased one the guys downloading Killzone: Shadow Fall and he had the option to pick whether he wanted to download the single player or multiplayer first. This is a nice touch and one all publishers hopefully integrate into their downloadable PS4 games.