Storm is the perfect puzzle game to relax

Storm is one of the two games by indiePub that helped Xbox Live Arcade achieve their milestone of 600 games a few days ago. The goal of the game is to use the natural forces of nature to guide a single seed past obstacles to the ideal spot so it can grow another tree and seed. You then have to guide that tree’s seed to another patch of fertile soil. Sounds pretty simple, right? Don’t be deceived, my friend.

The game starts you off slow and the pretty graphics, calming meditative music and simple goal of using wind to blow a seed to a plot of fertile soil a short distance away all serve to fool the player into a false sense of contentment. Storm quickly starts throwing curve balls, however, in the form of different types of seed, new powers at your disposal and levels that get more complicated.

Storm should be the perfect game to relax after a hard day of work/gaming. The ingredients are all there. That is, if you are the type of person that can remain calm despite watching a tiny seed remain hell bent on perishing into the fiery inferno instead of bouncing over like it was meant to. Damn seed.

Storm is available for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. Visit for more information.

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