War of the Roses adds “Guns of Burdundy”

War of the Roses

The war between Lancaster and York is getting a new weapon in the new content update, “Guns of Burgundy”. War of the Roses now has four types of portable firearms, cleverly called handgonnes, and can be wielded by knights. The handgonnes can take down enemies as they attempt to flee and damage an opposing knight’s shield

Handgonnes aren’t the only new item in “Guns of Burgundy”, which also includes a new UI, a new popup system for in-game events and news alerts and a 500 coin bonus after winning a round. The new map Ravenspurn, is also available in Conquest, Pitched Battle and Team Deathmatch. Players will have to adjust their strategy in response to the new firearms.  Luckily they can take advantage of the rest of the new items: Brigandine Armour, the Kettle Sallet Helmet, Hand Pavise Shield and Burgundian Side Sword.

Guns of Burgundy” content update is now live and available on Steam, however their Facebook lists a technical issue with the patching tool which will require a full client download during the update. The update will not include any major balance changes.

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