Games With Purpose brings together games that have a meaningful impact


Video games have much more potential than the simple entertainment factor. Many hardcore gamers have long known this, but it has taken the mainstream world some time to come to terms with this concept. Experts in education and gaming have applauded games as a better method of teaching people skills like math, spelling or decision making.

Games with Purpose is created by Preloaded with support from Tate, Wellcome, Norwich University, Science Museum and Tiga that launched on June 19. The not-for-profit site features several types of games that have a meaningful impact on how we learn or think about the choices we make.

The CEO of Preloaded, Paul Canty notes that “We know games are brilliant at education, communication and engendering social change. They can do so much more than just entertain.  Games with Purpose will bring the best-in-class examples into the spotlight – the ones with strong game integrity that go beyond the ordinary to create something truly purposeful, meaningful and extraordinary.”

Some of the games are:

  • Dragonbox– a multi-level puzzler designed to teach teens algebra
  • Cart Life– a management Sim which lets the player experience the challenges of being a street vendor struggling for a living.
  • Sweatshop– a social impact game that brings up the ethics of using cheap labor for affordable clothes.
  • Quandary– a game about humans who are colonizing a new planet and the captain that must weigh the colonists’ safety, comfort and opinions together in the effort to make the best decision.

There are many more and all the games on can be played online for free. People can also submit games they think should be included.

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