Weegee Time: New Super Luigi U available today as add-on content

The Year of Luigi continues its marathon of awesome, as New Super Luigi U hits the Nintendo eShop today. 80 brand new levels have been added to New Super Mario Bros. U (which is required to play this DLC) that put the spotlight on Mario’s brother, who can jump higher than him, wears green, and is generally just a lot more awesome (though he has a tendency to skid to a stop, so watch out!).

These new levels are not for the faint of heart, as they consist of impossible jumps, hidden Star Coins, and a time limit of just 100 seconds to do each one in! Mario is taking a backseat to this new adventure because he’s super whack; instead, Blue Toad, Yellow Toad, and Nabbit (a character first introduced in New Super Mario Bros. U) will be joining the Green One on his quest for glory. Nabbit is almost as cool as Luigi: he’s invincible and any items he picks up during a level are converted into 1-Ups when you reach the flagpole, which means he is perfect for noobs!

A free update is available today for New Super Mario Bros. U in order to get the DLC, and this additional content will set gamers back $20. Those that prefer their titles retail will be able to pick up the disc release of New Super Luigi U for $30 on August 25th (July 26th for the UK). More info about Weegee can be found here!

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