The Seven Day First-Person Shooter Challenge returns August 10-17

The Seven Day First-Person Shooter Challenge is set to return for round two from August 10-17 with the goal of once again providing fresh ideas for the all too often stagnated FPS genre. The challenge only gives game developers seven days to create a fully playable first-person shooter.

Last year saw some truly innovative games, even inspiring the Call of Duty to change up their recipe a bit when they introduced Riley, otherwise known as the Call of Duty Dog. Each game sought to revise different aspects of the basic formula. Receiver explored different gun handling mechanics, randomized levels and unordered storytelling. The 8-bit Vonneguts & Glory is a reverse-person shooter, which was created in five days and is also free on the App Store. The experimental The Grading Game has you correct and grade student papers. The puzzle FPS Seven Dimensions has you play simultaneously in seven dimensions which are conveniently distributed across four views.

The 7DFPS 2013 Challenge will again be organized by Willem Nijman, Sven Bergström and Sos Sosowski and plans for more participants and a second round of games to shake up the usual FPS formula.

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