Check out the new, sexy, and extremely detailed Jak and Daxter statue

Gaming Heads, in a joint venture with Sony Computer Entertainment, have just announced that they are bringing the brawlers of Sony’s PlayStation All Stars to life, IN COLLECTIBLE STATUE FORM. Gaming Heads have worked with Sony in the past making the Kratos figure for God of War Ascension: Collector’s Edition (WHICH RULED), so they definitely know what they are doing. The first of Sony’s mascots that Gaming Heads are tackling? The awesome Jak and Daxter!

Arguably the face and premier mascots of the PS2, and younger Arthur’s favorite duo of that generation, Jak and Daxter had their first adventure in 2001 with Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. The artists at Gaming Heads wanted to capture the signature pose from Jak and Daxter’s first PS2 title, and what they have created looks so much like it, that I can’t even tell which is which (I totally can, though). With Daxter on his shoulder, Jak stands 15 inches tall, and there is an exclusive fancy bronze finish version of the statue for collectors who want to spend a little extra dough (the regular statue is a staggering $190, while the bronze finish version is $200).

Both versions will be available around the world in Q4 of 2013, but pre-order soon, because there will only be 750 statues made of the regular version and 350 figures made of the bronze finish! More info on these pricey pieces of amazingness can be found here. Gaming Heads will be revealing more statues in their PlayStation All Stars lineup soon. Check out comparison shots below, and tell me that isn’t PERFECT (I wish I could afford them).

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