Killer Is Dead to get fancy Limited and Fan Editions in Europe and Oceania

Deep Silver has announced that Suda51’s next orgasmic adventure, Killer Is Dead, is getting not one, but TWO special editions when it launches August 30th for the 360 and PS3…in European regions. The exclusive Fan Edition is the ultimate special edition of Killer Is Dead, and will contain the following:

– The “Smooth Operator Pack” which includes 4 DLC items:

1. An additional mission called Episode 51 – The Man Who Stole Blood.
2. Special Gigolo Glasses that grant main protagonist Mondo Zappa X-Ray vision to see ladies in their underwear in the game’s Gigolo Mode (yes, that is a real thing).
3. A mysterious lady named Betty for Gigolo Mode, who probably turns out to be an assassin you must murder (or maybe she turns the tables and tries to seduce YOU instead).
4. An unannounced item that is perfect for summer (I’m guessing a bikini for Mondo or a Super Soaker to use in battle).
– A highly detailed poster showcasing Mondo and some sexy ladies.
– A full soundtrack CD by Akira Yamaoka, who wrote music for the Silent Hill series and previously worked with Suda51 on Shadows of the Damned.
– An art book.
– Amazing packaging for all the goodies.

The Limited Edition of Killer Is Dead just comes with the “Smooth Operator Pack.” The tasty Fan Edition will set European gamers back £54.99, while the Limited Edition costs £49.99. Pretty cool stuff that I wish with all my soul to come over to the U.S. Information about Suda51’s Killer Is Dead can be found at its website, and a recently released trailer where I have no idea what is going on can be viewed below. Any of our European gamers getting these special editions, or any of our other readers ready to import?

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