Dragon’s Prophet gets an icy new update


The European version of Dragon’s Prophet finally gets its first major content update. Spirit of the Red Flame or patch 1.1 adds new regions, 25 new emotes, achievements and more. The patch also raises the level cap to 70, adds more balancing improvements on classes and simplifies the Dragon Shard system.

Players can now explore the snowy region of Wintertide, which features brand new dungeons guarded by trolls, giants and other unknown dangers.  The Dragon Chamber adds more storage for the inevitable growing collection of dragons. A separate island is available for players to build a personal retreat.

A shared safe deposit box in the form of a Guild Bank makes collecting and managing guild resources more efficient.  A new technology lets guilds teleport to a common sanctuary and summon foes to challenge and increase their battle prowess.

The patch has been available since July 12th and you can click this link for more information.

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