Max Payne gets graphic novel release date

Rockstar International announced that Titan Books will release three Max Payne graphic novels all in one known as ‘Max Payne 3: The Complete Series’.

This hardback book covers the complete Max Payne series from the first to the last videogame, including artwork that has never been seen before. Titan Books delves into Max Payne’s horrifying past allowing the story to come full circle. ‘Max Payne 3: The Complete Series’ will be available in bookstores and online October 22nd for $9.99.

About the author: Joshua Lockwood
Joshua Lockwood.
Josh is a stay at home father of one and a video game enthusiast residing in a suburb of Denver, Colorado. Since the age of 4 Josh has been applying his craft into the world of gaming. Beginning with...  Read more...


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