Unca Scrooge explores the mines of Africa in latest video showcasing DuckTales: Remastered

BLESS ME BAGPIPES! We are less than two weeks away from DuckTales: Remastered hitting consoles and PC, and I am beyond excited (I still have my original NES cart!). To celebrate, the outrageous Launchpad McQuack is here to give us travel tips for the African Mines, which Scrooge McDuck must traverse in order to retrieve the GIANT DIAMOND OF INNER EARTH. Check out the trailer below, complete with the original voice actor for Launchpad providing a voice-over!

Additionally, there are two documentaries below where developer WayForward discusses the art behind DuckTales: Remastered, complete with hand-drawn sprites, original NES game influences, and ENTHUSIASM UP THE WAZOO.

“Duckumentary?” WayForward is clearly after my own heart with their incredible puns. DuckTales: Remastered will be available digitally in North America on August 13th for the PSN, WiiU eShop, and PC, with an XBLA version hitting September 11th (all priced at $15). Gamers who love DuckTales with every ounce of their souls can snag a retail copy of the title with a download code and collectible pin on August 20th, exclusively for the PS3 (this one will set you back $20).

Keep your eyes open next week for one more Duckumentary that will be looking at the game’s music and “Ican’tgetthisoutofmyhead” theme song, as well as a look at DuckTales‘ famous Moon level. The nostalgia is hitting me as fast as a train carrying all of my childhood memories at 100 MPH!

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