Gaijin “Good Friends Bundle” sale on Steam

If you are a fan of videogames and saving money, Steam will probably be one of the places you want to stop at this weekend, as a plethora of games and game bundles are on sale. Among the crowd of deals is one being offered by Gaijin Games called the “Good Friends Bundle,” which will include Runner 2, Runner 2’s Good Friends Character Pack DLC, Psychonauts, Super Meat Boy, Cave Story+, Machinarium and Portal 2, all for $24.99. This seems like a dissonant collection of games, but the common thread between them all is that each game has a character available in the Runner 2’s Good Friends Character Pack DLC, hence why the bundle is the “Good Friends Bundle” (For anyone that was not able to do the math).

There are some strong older titles in this deal that are worth checking out, especially if you love the feeling of wanting to snap your controller in half because your meaty little character keeps exploding on buzz-saws. If you have missed two or three titles listed, the “Good Friends Bundle” is a cheap way to add them to your Steam library, and you can gift the rest and share a little love.

Oh, and Portal 2.

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