Leaked gameplay of The Evil Within and new screenshots!

If you’re like me, then you’ve been craving a really good scare that brings you back to the early days of games like Resident Evil 2 or Silent Hill 2. While a lot of games have straddled that line, it’s pretty difficult to find a true survival horror game. If you know anything about Shinji Mikami, then you know you better start stocking up on underwear!

Aw heeeeelllllll no!
The hospital…always the worst possible place to be in a horror game.


Yeah...no thanks!
Bloody hand prints and body-drag marks up and down and all around. Get me the f#%k out!

Thanks to some quick-thinking Instagram users, three short clips have been leaked during The Evil Within‘s reveal at QuakeCon. Not only that, but new screenshots have been released as well! I’m not a fan of gore for gore’s sake, and this game does appear to have plenty of it…but how can you say no to a Mikami game? Especially when it looks like the kind of game that could finally vitalize a weakened genre?

While the clips are obviously of low horrible quality, I still get a sense that the graphics and mechanics are going to work very similar to something like Resident Evil 4. If that’s true, then take my damn money and sign me up for therapy because The Evil Within is going to bring it! What do you fellow horror fans think? Too soon to call it? Watch the clips below and see what you think! Links are provided below just in case you have any trouble.

I’m just going to keep walking further into the rows of human chandeliers because this is normal…




The gunfire looks amazingly realistic!


Great…an invisible murderer with a sword.


While this decapitation doesn’t immediately impress me, this looks intense!


The Evil Within: Clip 1 | The Evil Within: Clip 2 | The Evil Within: Clip 3