Dublin GameCraft rebrands as Global GameCraft as new events are added

Global GameCraft is adding ‘game jam’ events in London and New York City along with its original Northern Ireland location. The game jam, formerly known as Dublin GameCraft, has always been all about putting developers together to come up with as many fresh, new ideas in a short amount of time. In this case, game developers have twelve hours or less to build a game from scratch. A panel of judges will demo the games at the end of the designated time limit and award prizes for the best. This seems like an incredibly tall order for even large groups of developers working together to accomplish, considering most games take two or more years to fully produce. However, co-founder Vicky Lee notes that the majority don’t actually get a game finished on the day.

“From past events we’ve seen people get internships and jobs. We’ve seen companies come up with new IPs, try out new technologies and showcase new ideas. We’ve even seen new companies formed there! With these kinds of cool outcomes, it’s exciting to think about what could come out of the events run overseas” says Dave McCabe, the event’s lead judge.

Many game developers work long hours by themselves as they code for games and de-bug in their intensity to make a great game. Game jams like Global GameCraft or the recent Imagamer gives them a much welcomed break from the usual grind and allows them to meet other developers to help brainstorm.

Anyone interested in joining any of the game jams scheduled can check out more information at the Global GameCraft main page.

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