XBL Enforcement United Beta

Microsoft has taken several steps lately in making its online service more accessible to the general crowd by dealing with users with poor form more openly.  They are doing this with several different programs including Smart Match and the new Reputation system, both were outlined at E3.  Now, the Xbox Live Enforcement Beta (tentatively named) program has started.  Again, Microsoft is tapping its community to help identify offensive behavior by XBL users.

So far only Xbox Live Ambassadors can sign up along with a handful of other requirements, but Microsoft will make this program more open to general users in the coming months.

At first, the only enforcing users will be doing is judging whether Gamertags are offensive or not by a simple selection process.  This process is timed and a Gamertag may be skipped.  The skips are recorded and the enforcer may only have so many skips to be utilized.  This will open up to other ways of judging whether something on XBL is offensive, but as of yet they have not been detailed.  If this interests you, sign up is here.

What do you think of this?  Will it actually help XBL have a more pleasant experience for its users?  Sound off in the comments below.