Create your own Saints Row IV character early

Ready to be inaugurated?

In Saints Row IV, you have control; you are the president of the U.S.A., but aliens have captured your people and it’s your job to save them. But with the release date two weeks away, what can you do?

Deep Silver and Volition have remedied this problem by releasing a character creation tool, The Inauguration Station. You can create your own President, upload it to, and then have it voted in by the community. At launch, you’ll be able to upload your character into the game. Those who have finished Saints Row III’s campaign needn’t worry. Their characters will be carried over into the new installment.

The Inauguration Station is available today on the Marketplace and Steam for everyone, tomorrow on the PSN (for most of the world), and August 13th on the PSN for America. The game officially releases on August 20th for for North and Latin America, and August 23rd worldwide.

Lead the way, Mr. President!