Fans pester Man at Arms long enough to get them to create a badass replica of Link’s Master Sword

Break Media’s Man at Arms is a webseries where a very talented Hollywood blacksmith named Tony Swatton makes replicas of badass weapons: Sora’s Keyblade, Cloud’s Buster Sword, you name it. But one often requested item had yet to be made: Link’s legendary Master Sword. That is, UNTIL NOW.

After three seasons, the most requested item has been made on Man at Arms: an honest to goodness, real life recreation of the Master Sword, and it is GODLY. Check out the episode below, where Tony shows us how he made the beloved sword in painstaking detail. Also, Tony and his crew test out the sword on familiar Zelda items afterwards, like hearts, pots, potions, and soda bottles (?). I’m gonna see if Tony takes money for his creations, BECAUSE I NEED THIS.

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