Batman: Arkham Origins Collector’s Edition Revealed….

This sounded really cool and I got excited, only to find out that it was the collector’s edition for Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. So essentially, everywhere but North America.

Here’s the breakdown of what they’ll get and I must say that I am definitely hoping that the North American version will be similar:

  • Exclusive Arkham Origins highly detailed premium statue featuring Batman & The Joker
  • 80-page, full-color hardcover artbook
  • Assassin’s Intel Dossier, including files on the eight assassins, as well as Black Mask’s contract
  • 1st Appearance Batman Skin DLC
  • Deathstroke Challenge Pack DLC – Usable throughout all the Arkham Origins Challenge maps and also includes two bonus challenge maps and two bonus Deathstroke Skins
  • Exclusive 3D Metal Pack
  • The PS3 edition will also include the Knightfall pack as an exclusive piece of content

There are some important things to note as well. They announced that limited quantities will be available for the PS3 and Xbox 360 systems, with no mention of the Wii U. Another important note is that it will be £79.99 which translates to approximately 125 American Dollars. So we can probably expect a price tag of around $129.99 for an ideally similar bundle.

A layout of the Collector's Edition

The Collector's Edition Box Art

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