Are you there? Gaming Heads reveals gorgeous Portal 2 Sunburst Turret statue for a limited run

The fine folks at Gaming Heads have revealed a new model in their Portal 2 turret replica lineup today: the Sunburst Turret. Standing tall at 16”, this friendly weapon of death from the 2011 title was made with actual assets from the game. The eye of the statue has a motion sensor that controls a light, and the turret is even outfitted with a speaker that detects movement and will utter iconic phrases from Portal 2, guaranteed to make you shit yourself in surprise.

The Sunburst Turret will be available Q4 2013, and can only be ordered through Gaming Heads website, which also has their standard White Turret ready to purchase. There will only be 350 of these babies available worldwide when it releases, so get to pre-ordering here! I wanted to save up $325 for this badass, but then I remembered I need to pay bills and buy food to live.

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