Xbox One gets up close and personal with an unboxing video

Interested in fining out what you’ll get with your Xbox One: Day One edition? Well fear no more cause today Microsoft has released four new videos on the upcoming console.

First up is an unboxing video that shows you everything that comes with the Day One edition.

A couple of interesting notes in that video. First, it seems like all Xbox One’s will come with a headset both the Day One and the standard editions. Second, the power brick is gonna be on the outside of the console again, kind of a bummer considering the PS4 has an internal power brick and still manages to not be that heavy. Lastly, they made note that the HDMI cable is 4k capable which might be nice several years down the road.

To go with the unboxing video, Microsoft also released videos covering the controller, the play and charge kit and the chat headset. These videos are short and don’t give us a lot of new info but we have them below for your viewing pleasure.