Microsoft’s marketplace to switch to real currency this fall

Worldwide gamer frustration with the points system will be ending soon, as Microsoft has officially announced that the currency system of the XBOX Marketplace will be replaced with real life currency.

In their next system update, the gang over at Microsoft will enable the new system, allowing gamers to use their hard earned *cash* on marketplace material. All points that are currently in gamer’s accounts will also be automatically transferred into the new system. Basically, this means that points will be transferred into good old dollar signs.

There’s no reason for XBOX gamers to worry about point cards / gift cards they may have racked up over the years. Microsoft says that even after the transition, customers will be able to use point cards until further notice; they will however, expire one year after being redeemed. Microsoft point cards will no longer be sold in stores, currency gift-cards will now be used. If players have any questions to the specifics of how this will affect them; they can check out Microsoft’s official website.

I, for one, am glad that this change is being made. I was always annoyed by the fact that after a purchase, I’d end up with too few points to do anything with. Some XBOX enthusiasts, however, are arguing that the switch will actually cost gamers more money. What are your thoughts? Feel free to voice them below.