Final Fantasy X/X-2’s drama audio gets a preview

Tidus and Yuna may not have their happy ending after all, if their creator, Kazushige Nojima, has anything to say about it.

Today a quick preview of the 30 minute epilogue to the remastered edition of both PS2 classics was released. Apparently, it’s set after the somewhat melancholic perfect secret ending of FFX-2. A quick recap for fans: Yuna and Tidus have a semi-romantic serious talk about how they’re going to cherish the chance to be together again. The ending is sprinkled in uncertainty, and we’re not quite certain if Tidus will disappear or not.

The audio preview takes place about a year afterwards, and it sounds as if the bliss that Tidus and Yuna cherish is slowly slipping away. Tidus’ words are hopeful, but his tone is bittersweet; “I was given a new life, for a year, I was able to walk alongside Yuna. It was great, it really was.” It sounds as if he’s attempting to let go of something he’s cherished for a long while.

We’ll find out whether Tidus and Yuna get to keep their happiness later this fall when the game and the audio drama have their release.

In more uplifting news, we’ve also received screenshots from both games, and they’re *awesome*! Check out this shot of Yuna as she returns from her Summoner’s Trial and this pic of the group at the moonflow: