Kickstarter campaign launched for StarCraft Universe

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched for the independent StarCraft MMO StarCraft Universe.

The current funding goal is set to $80,000, and will help bring a public open beta to fans sometime in the near future. This version will feature both Protoss and Terran as playable races, along with 4 customizable classes for each race. The game will also feature vehicles, gear customization, crafting, and a combination of singleplayer and multiplayer gameplay.

The game will be playable upon release through, although Blizzard is in no way affiliated with the development of this game.

The developers have also stated that an early singleplayer version of the game can now be downloaded as a demo, and that the client will not require a copy of StarCraft II to play.

More information on StarCraft Universe can be found on the official Kickstarter page.

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