Bigby throws down in Telltale’s new The Wolf Among Us trailer

Based upon Bill Willingham’s and Vertigo’s comic book franchise, Fables, Telltale’s new series is told from the point of view of the one and only Big Bad Wolf, as he attempts to keep a community of on edge fairy tale characters in line.  Like The Walking DeadThe Wolf Among Us will revolve around player choice; new stories will be told depending upon the choices that players make.

After the success they achieved with taking on a comic book world in The Walking Dead games, it kind of made sense when Telltale said they would be telling a story within the ‘Fables’ universe. ‘Fables’ is a fairly dark and somewhat serious look at fairy tale characters trapped in New York who are trying to remain hidden from the rest of the world and is published by DC Comics through its Vertigo publishing line as one of its premiere New York Times bestselling titles.

As the new trailer opens, we hear the magic mirror reiterating a fact that Bigby surely already knows; the citizens of Fabletown are scared of him.  But as Bigby says, it’s not easy making sure the people of Fabletown don’t kill each other.  Bigby’s conversation with the mirror is set to a furious action scene in which Bigby tackles an unknown assailant out of window.  We hear someone yell “Bigby!” in the background.  Is it Snow White, Bigby’s longtime crush and subsequent wife?

And finally, we get a quick peek at Bufkin, the cute mischievous winged monkey.

With all that said, we can expect The Wolf Among Us to release later this fall.  Brush up on your fairy tale lore.  Better yet, read some Fables!