Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer reveal!

IT’S ON! Time to gear up, well not literally, just mentally. The long awaited multiplayer reveal for the much anticipated Call of Duty: Ghosts is finally here.

Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer reveal recap below:

CustomizationCall of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer adds a new element to the franchises most popular game mode by allowing the user to customize his or her soldier called the “Create-a-Soldier” system. This would allow the standard customization of load-out’s but with the option of over 20,000 different combinations of physical appearance whether male of female. This gives a uniqueness to the game mode which for the longest time, with the exception of Call of Duty: Black Ops, used the same avatars based on map. This deep customization includes “Squad”, which will be explained below.

Game Modes – Similar to “Clans” in all of Call of Duty‘s multiplayer, which still exists in Call of Duty: Ghosts, Infinity Ward has re-imagined the idea and created “Squads”. Where clans allow the tag of a clever and/or super derogatory name and allows the player to carry it past a game-specific low level during any game mode, Squads allows a similar but deeper experience in terms of the way matches are played. Squads allow co-op, one-on-one, head-to-head play which builds XP for all users involved. Squads can challenge other squads at any time even if you are offline. This enriched experience gives the feel of real time combat as you can setup load-out’s for specific players giving each a responsibility to give your Squad the ultimate advantage.

EnvironmentCall of Duty: Ghosts provides a more enriched environment similar to that of Battlefield. Although not the same, Ghosts has multiplayer map triggers. When used correctly the player can trigger a change in the environment as an advantage in terms of killstreaks and so on. Each map contains a different trigger. These triggers allow strategic opportunities for battle.

Console PerksCOD has traditionally been an Xbox exclusive and will remain to be with Ghosts placing their downloadable content on Microsoft’s system first. With the news of stats and saves not transferring to next-gen consoles, Activision has announced that all saves from COD: Ghosts on Xbox 360 and PS3 will transfer to the Xbox One and PS4.

Mobile CODCall of Duty will launch a new app for a second screen experience which takes the bests parts of COD: Elite and new content regarding COD: Ghosts to create a high tech and easily accessible option. These options allow change of load-out’s, soldier customization, and to stay up on what your squad or clan is doing. It also includes the “Share” option which was pushed heavily at E3 this year.

Memberships – Much like the launch of COD: Elite at the beginning of Infinity Ward’s MW3 and now that Elite has been phased out, COD: Ghosts created a membership that follows a popular tradition of popular online games that consistently releases DLC’s. The standard cost is similar to any that have come before or will most likely come after, $49.99 or 4000 Microsoft points. They also can be bought individually at the standard price. Call of Duty: Ghosts Collectors Edition will come with the full membership as well as some other perks such as a collectable steelbook and paracord strap for the “Hardened Edition”, and COD: Ghosts tactical HD camera with the “Prestige Edition”.

Tournaments & Tours – The Call of Duty Championships will return 2014 and be the flagship game for Major League Gaming Pro Circuit. Also COD will conduct a world tour leading up to Ghosts release date.

Call of Duty: Ghosts will set charges on store doors November 5th 2013.