GOD YES: “Chrono Trigger Symphony” project announced by the Synthetic Orchestra

It looks like my prayers have been answered! The Synthetic Orchestra, who you might remember from their successful “Banjo-Kazooie Symphony” album released back in May, are all set to create some beautiful renditions of melodies from my favorite game, Chrono Trigger. Blake Robinson and his orchestra are itching to make a series of albums that will have interpretations of every piece of music from the SNES RPG, which has me FOAMING AT THE MOUTH.

If you want a taste of things to come, check out samples of the group’s pieces here (yes, it brought tears to my eyes, but such is the power of nostalgia) and a trailer below. “Chrono Trigger Symphony : Volume 1” will be available to buy on August 22nd, 2013, from Loudr and iTunes. More info on the album is available for your hungry eyes here. It’s the game’s 18th anniversary, so there is cause for much celebration!

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