FIFA 14: Stepping It Up For The New Season

Up and down the country, football fans breathe a sigh of relief and satisfaction as their beloved clubs once again embark upon a new season. A new season brings hope, prosperity and excitement for cities, towns and villages of the British Isles as they dare to dream of what their team could achieve.
And with the start of the season, comes the long awaited release of one of the gaming (and sporting) world’s most popular games, the EA Sports FIFA franchise. Every year fans conspire, rumors are echoed and experts look to what the latest installment will bring.

FIFA 14 not only coincides with the start of a new season, but, also the start of a new gaming generation with the widely-anticipated release of the Xbox One and PS4. With gamers everywhere counting down the days till they get their hands on the latest consoles, FIFA 14 is packed with more features than Peter Crouch has dance moves.

Precision Movement

One of the biggest problems that past FIFA installments have had is the ability to create a realistic and authentic gaming experience. The new Precision Movement feature aims to recreate the dynamic movements of the real world, making every step, plant, shift and sprint count.

The new locomotion system takes into account speed, momentum and direction studying player’s biomechanics to help create more organic and natural build up play. Players can gain the advantage with burst of speed, using momentum to gain an edge over their opponents.

Protect The Ball

Possession is often cited as being 9/10’s of the law. But there’s more to keeping the ball than simply passing. Being able to fight for space, stand your ground and hold off the opposition are what makes the difference. With Protect The Ball, you take control of the tempo as players use their bodies to fend off opposing challenges and battle for space.

For example, whereas in previous FIFA’s players have often been easily shunted off the ball, players can now counter this by stepping in front of their challenger, protecting the ball and allowing them to stay in control.

Pure Shot & Real Ball Physics

Arguably, the most exciting feature awaiting gamers. Ever dreamed of making the perfect connection for that perfect shot? Players now adjust to their settings, taking into account body position, timing, angles, stride and pace, to take the purest shot on.

What’s more, play is more streamlined as real world physics come into play. Developers have combined flight path, trajectory and power, allowing players to score a wider variety of goals from drilled dipping shots to swerving and powerful strikes.

Ultimate Team

There’s a reason the FIFA Ultimate Team is the most popular game mode within the franchise. Players have the option to transfer points, items, rewards and teams to the latest system and with it, the prospect of building an even greater team. Team and player chemistry has been improved, allowing gamers to change the style of players over a variety of fields to suit your style of play.

With team chemistry one of the underlying factors to success, make sure you find the perfect style to take on the gaming world. Online season mode now spans 10 divisions, making it harder and more challenging to rise to prominence and is complimented with a more sophisticated transfer market that allows you to search for the players you want.

Countdown To Kick Off…

This promises to be EA Sports most advanced, realistic and entertaining FIFA yet. Released on 27th September, fans will have to make do with shouting at their favourite players for the time being.

Phil Warrington, a gaming expert, looks at the FIFA 14’s latest features and what gamers can expect from one the markets leading games. Make your ultimate team even greater with the help of UT Coin Traders; who buy and sell FIFA Ultimate Team coins and packages to expand your prominence in the Ultimate Team Mode.